Service List

Barber Services
No Razor Shave

Untraditional shave without a straight razor but with a process of removing facial hair with a combination of two electric clippers that leaves skin smooth along with a relaxing steam towel, a feeling of freshly shaved skin

Clean Up Edges-Line Up

Line up the perimeter of the hair line only to keep hair line clean without going into hair line



Our most popular service for the most bang for your buck which includes haircut, shampoo, steam towel, shoulder massage, you are always welcome to add extra steam towels and shoulder massage time for added cost

Veteran and First Responder VIP

This is the most popular service for those who serve our country and community you get this service at a discounted price ,you receive a precision cut, a relaxing shampoo and a bonus steam towel to shut your eyes and relax for a moment

Junior VIP

Junior VIP for that young person that needs extra time to enjoy a much needed rewind moment he gets a great haircut then a massaging shampoo to get all those loose itchy hairs out and clean the scalp and then a quick lesson on style and product


Beard Care
Beard Straightening

Awesome service for the man with the untamed facial follicles, beard brush that is heated that straightens the hair smooth, lengthening the beard as well, an amazing transformation

Beard Trim

Beard details, a little bit goes a long way ,we will line the beard and neck up also trim wild hairs to give a desired shape and recommend products to maintain your look

Blending Beards to it's natural color

With temporary beard color we can restore your youthful look with our Elegance black or brown blending product, with a brushing technique, you will love what you see in the mirror when you try it! It slowly washes away as the week progresses you can maintain this look by coming in to visit or taking the product home for daily use

Mustache and Beard Trim

A combined service to tackle the unruly facial hair from from jawline to upper lip and maybe a few loose nose hairs

Mustache Trim

Bottlebrush moustache to handlebars we got you covered for trimming and care of your hairy upper lip


All Over Head Shave

Buzz cut all over and a shampoo to get your head clean

Child's Haircut

For any little guy under the age of 10 a happy cut for the outstanding young boy

Child's Haircut and Style

For the little guy under 10 that wants to start with hair products with tips from the pros, this service is for knowledge and how to tips for styling at home

Men's Haircut

For the everyday man's cut to the skills of scissor cut all over to clipper cut combination you will receive precision skill and outstanding customer service and knowledge of latest trends and classic cuts

Senior Cut

Gentlemen over 65 is considered to get this service with respect and skill , always a pleasure for good conversation and a fresh cut

Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo and condition with the best products provided on the market to remove dirt and oil and replenish the hair and scalp with accessing each individuals needs , we will use what is on our back bar and for you to purchase as retail to take home to maintain your desired look

Senior Veteran Hair Cut

A haircut for that senior veteran , that we are so very grateful for all their sacrifice and service to this great country!! Thank You

Veteran and First Responder Haircut

A great discounted haircut for the pride of our country our great Veterans and our wonderful first responders, a way to give you all a gift for all your hard work and sacrifices , Thank you!


Steam Towel

Steam towel is an extra add on for any service anytime, steam towels will be available anytime our shop is open, soaked in our Tea Tree hair and body moisturizer to replenish dry skin and open pores, it just feels great! try it you'll like it

Cold Towel for Hot Days

A frozen towel for those times in the heat of the day to cool your neck or face down in a quick minute

Shampoo and Steam Towel

Hot Steam towel wrapped around your face with a relaxing shampoo to relieve everyday stress and cleans the hair and scalp of oil and toxins

Double Steam Towel

Hot steam towel done twice as nice as the first, helps to calm the skin and nerves of everyday woes ,very relaxing

Triple Steam Towel

Triple Steam towel is just that three amazing Tea Tree hair and body infused hot steam towels for that guy that needs a moment to rewind for a few minutes and regroup ,highly recommend for attitude adjustments

Shoulder massage

A relaxing shoulder massage to work out the physical stress that most people carry with in the shoulders we use an electric massager for this service



A conversation to go over what your hair expectations would be and to consult over how to achieve those expectations with hair care, cuts, styles and of course beard care and design. Our goals are to properly guide you with honesty and education on skills to achieve your style at home as you will be customer of Iva City Barber Shop